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Adventure Fitness Trainer
Women's Only Boot Camp
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Women's Fitness Camp in Anthem

Bootcamp Testimonials

"Wanted to thank you both again!! I could never have anticipated how much I would get out of this program...I figured I would lose a few lbs...get a few more defined muscles...but I have gotten so much more out of it. I now realize I can run!!! Sounds crazy but I never even thought I could run...I would get winded in seconds. After injuring my back doing squats 2 years ago I swore off squats and lunges.....I now know I can do those!!! I used my knee issues as excuses...I now know I can push way (and I mean WAY) past my comfort zone and feel accomplished and feel fine! When I completed that 2.8 mile run last week I actually teared up. Bootcamp has improved me not only physically but also mentally and I just wanted to let you know that!! Its made a huge difference in my life."

Antonietta E.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me get back into shape! I thoroughly enjoyed the Adventure Boot Camp program and felt that it helped me to be in the best shape ever. I have signed up for the Rock n Roll marathon in January. I ran 8 miles yesterday and played a game of soccer. I must say that this is in part thanks to Adventure Boot Camp! It gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to get moving! Thanks so much!"

Sarah H.

"Hi Jasson and Lori, Thanks to you both for all you do for all of us. Your kindness, inspiration and encouragement has exceeded our expectations. We never pass up an opportunity to tell others what a wonderful program you have and what knowledgeable and devoted people you are. Thanks again!"

Evelyn T.

"Adventure Boot Camp has changed my life immensely. I have not only lost inches but have lost body fat as well. I eat and sleep better than ever. Adventure Boot Camp has taken my physical and mental health to a whole new level. While my husband and kids are sleeping I exercise and still have time to come home and clean the house before they get up. I'm addicted!!!"

Roxanne H.

"Making Adventure Boot Camp part of my everyday routine is the best investment in ME I've ever made. I have less stress, I'm getting healthier and stronger each day, and I am have a great time doing it. Jasson makes fitness fun and exciting, always leaving me looking forward to the next day. Adventure Boot Camp is now my way of life!"

Emily P.

"Jasson, I have wanted to thank you for some time now for what you have done for me, so at the risk of sounding cheesy here I go......My name is Angie and I am a 43 year old wife and mother of 1 great boy. I spent most of my 30's overweight, lazy, eating lots of pasta, and had several failed attempts at maintaining fitness. I moved to Anthem about 1 year ago and noticed Jasson's Adventure Boot Camp. I was unhappy with my personal fitness and decided to give the Adventure Boot Camp a try. About four months later Jasson transformed my heart and body into a driven boot camp machine. If it had not been for Jasson and Adventure Boot Camp I would have never got up at 4:30 in the morning, stepped foot on the trails of Daisy Mountain, much less ran to the 2 mile mark and back, carried a 15lb backpack for an hour, experienced TRX strength training which for the first time in my life my biceps and shoulders suddenly popped, tried to eat clean, and I lost 2 dress sizes! I'm sure there are many people in Anthem that Jasson and his family have had a similar positive impact on. So bottom line Jasson...you make me want to be a better bootcamper. Thank you!"

Angie S.

"Adventure Boot Camp has been a life changing program for me. Prior to signing up for my first camp in Aug 2006, I was overweight, unhealthy, unmotivated, and terribly unhappy with my appearance and self esteem. I spent 12-14 hrs a day behind my computer, sitting at a desk, with no physical activity. Adventure Boot Camp was the "kick in the butt" I needed to get myself to a healthier state. As difficult as it was - and is - it is so much fun! Not only do we participate in the physical activity, we also get the positive motivation, reinforcement, support, and dedication from Jasson as well as from the rest of the group. All the participants want each other to succeed in their goals - no matter what they are. The end results are amazing for those that make the necessary changes. Thanks to the program and the nutritional changes I made with Jasson's assistance, I lost 30 lbs in 5 months and gained so much strength. I was never a runner and couldn't even run a mile when I started, but have built up my endurance and ran in my first 5K race 3 months after starting. I also participated in the 12 hr Anthem Relay for Life event which I probably would not have done if I wasn't involved in Adventure Boot Camp. My family has benefited from my success as well, as I am healthier and feel better about myself. The changes I have made also help my family to be healthier and now my kids see me exercise on a regular basis and get excited when they can exercise too! It is a wonderful program with a fantastic leader who is willing to help anyone who wants to better themselves!

Jennifer Hughes, 31 yrs old, Sales Support Rep for large computer company, working from home, with 2 kids and 3rd due in Oct. And still participating in Boot camp (although a bit modified)!!!"

Jennifer H.

"I wanted to say that I've fired my plastic surgeon, but I didn't want to start any bad blood…"

Cathy H.

"I am a Fitness professional so the gym IS my office. I wanted to get out of the office and get a great workout where I could concentrate on me. Adventure Boot Camp is it! Lots of variety so I'm never bored, a great instructor to keep you motivated because you are always challenged to get the best workout for you. My fear… would I get a good enough workout since I have already been exercising for years. Well, that fear didn't last long. It kicked my butt! This is the perfect workout to start getting fit or increase your fitness level. And yes, I hit all my goals. I lost pounds, inches and body fat. Doesn't get better than that!"

Diana O.

"I started Adventure Boot Camp over a year ago, knowing it was exactly what I needed--a daily workout and accountability. But what I also got was an instructor who was totally committed to everyone's health and fitness. He not only puts us through a vigorous workout every morning but also lets us know in no uncertain terms that fitness takes time and commitment and is a lifelong change. There is no magic pill or shake that will achieve your goals for you. As a result, I have lost weight, gained strength and endurance and made many lifelong friends. With the knowledge I have gained from his instruction, I know that I will always be able to lead a fit, healthy life! Adventure Boot Camp at Anthem is truly a remarkable experience."

Carol C.

"My name is Amy Price and I am a stay at home mom. Having a baby changed all aspects of my life, including every minute of the day being devoted to someone besides myself. When my son was 8 weeks old, I realized that my bad eating habits had continued on from pregnancy to post pregnancy. Exercise was something that wasn't a priority in my life after my baby came, and it didn't really fit into my schedule. I had heard about Boot Camp from a friend who taught it, and she had lost her baby weight within a few weeks! I decided to give it a try, and the convenient 5:30 am workout made it possible. I used Boot camp for my 'jump start' to eating healthy and exercising, so far I've lost 30 pounds, and I feel wonderful! I've not only gained my confidence back, but I fit into all my pre-baby clothes! More importantly, I have more energy than I've ever had before, and I need it with my little guy moving all over. I also look forward to the one hour every morning; I get to spend working out for me! Finally, I believe the example that I am setting for my son, to lead a healthy and enjoy life, is priceless."

Amy P.


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